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Beginners to Winners

Photos of the AKS Racing Team in action . . . click here

Karting is the affordable motor sport!

Are you new to the sport of karting?  Are you contemplating joining a club to go racing?  Are you a karter needing a change in direction?

Dave at AKS is more than happy to assist with your initial start-up pack and progress through the field to reach the podium.  This is something that doesn't happen overnight - like all sports it takes dedication and practice to get to the front.   Remember that most of the drivers you compete against started out as new karters and many have been racing for some years to gain the skill and techniques that only comes with experience.

Karting is very much like learning to ride a bicycle.  At first we get assistance and instruction, usually from parents, as we try to master the art of balancing on two wheels.  After some time we are able to stay upright unassisted, but during this initial period there are many incidents until this skill is mastered.  After 6 - 12 months we learn how to really handle the bicycle to the point where the bicycle becomes part of us.  We can now even ride on one wheel instead of two!

Learning to drive a race kart is very similar – the kart is a technical piece of machinery – it does take time to master not only how to drive it fast around the track, but also how to set it up so that it can be driven fast.   The learning of race skills and craft is very important and takes time to master.  We cannot all end up driving V8 Supercars or Formula Ones even though we might love to, but we can all achieve personal goals and have fun enjoying the sport of karting.  When the fun goes out of any sport it is time to reassess.  Karting is a fun sport in which the whole family can get involved.

The initial steps into the karting arena can be a little daunting.  What to do? What to buy?  What is needed? What is essential now? What can wait until later?  AKS can take a lot of the worry out of the questions and assist in making your move into karting easy and cost efficient.

The three main components to success are the kart set up, the motor and the capabilities of the driver

AKS can assist you with the following:

General information about karting.

Joining a Club.

Obtaining a Race/Practice Licence.

First time at the track – we will attend and assist if required - free of charge.

Kart and Motor Purchase.

Kart Set-up.

Track side assistance when required, including tyre fitting & plug testing - free of charge.

Rule book interpretation - 43 years experience of State law interpretation.

Track side spare parts and accessories at discounted rates.

Driver tips & training – free of charge.

Motor management – AKS is independent and not locked to any particular engine builder.  You choose your engine builder, however we can recommend local and interstate builders reputed for fast & competitive motors.  The AKS Racing Team currently has some of the quickest motors in this State.  However, we do have a policy that motors are solely maintained by the selected builder once rebuilt by that builder.

Free labour to maintenance and set up your carbie track side – the important link for top motor performance.  AKS has recently purchased a high tech gauge for this purpose.

Advise on tuning the carbie and tuition of setting up your own carbie.

Best Oil/Fuel/Lubes & ratios.

Free handouts on all aspects of karting including gearing and oil charts.

Web site exposure – all AKS karter’s are profiled on this web site.

Prime covered pitting area at Southern Go Kart Club track

Team advice and assistance when required especially after those unavoidable race incidents.

Use of fast shop motors when available.

AKS caps and shirts to stand out in the crowd – your logos/sponsors can be included – 2008/2009 designs to be released in the near future.

Call or email Dave – he is always available and only too happy to assist.


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